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Our happiness is greatly influenced by the quality of our relationships with other people. Greater health and longevity can be attained by maintaining positive relationships with family and friends. Sharing sorrow and heartache can ease the burden when tragedies are experienced. Rejoicing in the successes and celebrations of others is equally important.

Being thoughtful and considerate of others is often as simple as a small gift or a kind word. It is easily accomplished by caring about and acknowledging what is happening in someone else’s life, in both good times and in bad.

For the good times, no triumph is too small or insignificant to be noticed and celebrated. Part of living a good life is sharing in the successes and celebrations of others. If someone you know has something to celebrate, a thoughtful gift can show them that you share their happiness.

We put together some gift ideas to celebrate special moments. Whether a graduation, retirement, new baby, new pet or even a new car, we have gift ideas to express congratulations for many happy occasions.

Graduation Appreciation

Any graduation marks a great accomplishment. A person has taken the time to earn a degree or certification that will influence the direction of his or her life. More than just a piece of paper, graduation is proof of hard work, dedication and the subsequent knowledge that is acquired through study and practice.

Whether the graduate is your friend, relative or the child of a friend or relative, giving the graduate a gift to celebrate the accomplishment is a nice gesture, even if you aren’t attending the graduation.

The gift can coincide with the person’s interests or future occupation if you know the person well. For a young person who recently graduated and has plans to travel the world, an interesting graduation gift is a cork globe with pushpins, so they may track their travels around the globe. For those traveling within the states, there are fun, interactive, scratch-off maps of the United States with noteworthy state parks and trails marked.

Another unique and poignant gift for a recent grad is a small, handheld pocket telescope to compel him or her to continue to search for and appreciate beauty in the world. Some of these devices can even work with cell phones to magnify pictures.

Inspired by the Retired

Retirement is a huge accomplishment that deserves celebration. It marks the end of one part of life and the beginning of another. If someone you know is retiring, this is a moment that needs to be noticed and appreciated.

Retirement is such a monumental change that there are already gifts devoted to that subject in the form of humorous shirts, cups, mugs and more. Since not everyone has a sense of humor regarding retirement, there are also books dedicated to helping people transition from work life to retired life.

The person’s hobbies and interests outside of work also give you valuable insight into what sort of retirement gifts are appropriate. For instance, if your retiring friend or loved one is a fan of golf, consider getting personalized golf balls to mark the occasion.

If the person retiring plans to travel, some of the graduate gifts pertaining to travel can be utilized in this scenario. Also, future travelers may appreciate TSA compliant mixing sets for drinks in flight, toiletry bags, a grooming kit or a travel cocktail set.

Baby Love

The birth or adoption of a child is a great blessing that brings pure joy. This is a wonderful reason to celebrate. A simple and easy way to share the joy of the moment when the family first celebrates is by sending a bouquet.

For new mothers staying in the hospital, bouquets can often be delivered to the hospital and be personalized. For new parents adopting a child, sending flowers is a way to communicate how happy you are as the new family adjusts.

For babies and children, gift options are endless and often customizable. There are personalized books, blankets, nightlights, blocks, plaques, plush toys, bath mitts, diaper covers and hats to list a few congratulation gifts for a new baby or child. For the parents or godparents, consider a keepsake box or family tree with the name of the new addition to the family.

If the new baby or adopted child has older siblings, it would be nice to get them small gifts, so they don’t feel left out or overlooked in all the excitement. There are books about being older brothers and sisters that might give some insight into what it means to be the older sibling.

What to Get to Celebrate a New Pet

A new pet is another joyous experience that you will want to acknowledge. Pets are family members, so giving a gift to a new pet is a thoughtful gesture. When talking to your friends or family about the new animal family member, pay attention to the small details like what kind of animal, the diet, toys, etc. That way, you should be well-equipped to find a suitable congratulations gift to mark the occasion.

However, if you feel like you may not know enough about the type of animal your friend or relative is welcoming into his or her family, this is another situation where it is entirely acceptable to send flowers and a kind note of welcome to the new little family member.

Smooth Moves

Moving is a big step and brings big changes. This is the perfect opportunity to show you care about what is going on in the lives of others. Help your friend or relative in any way you can during this stressful time.

Since the individual relocating is often lamenting the clothing, furniture and other belongings he or she has accumulated, you might want to avoid those kinds of material gifts. Instead, consider getting the person gift cards to restaurants near the new home or sending a housewarming bouquet once you have the new address.

Going Far in a New Car

It may seem silly, but for some, a new car is a happy, momentous occasion that must be celebrated. If this sounds like someone you know with a new set of wheels, buckle in for some fun, road-worthy ideas for congratulations gifts.

A new car is an excuse to take more drives, and there are books detailing the best scenic drives. For luck on the road, there are succulents that hang from the rearview mirror and purportedly bless the vehicle.

To go beyond the realm of luck into safety, there is an Automatic Pro. It is a smart driving assistant that plugs into the OBD-II port of any car made after 1996 and can then track the car, diagnose engine lights that appear on the dashboard and even call emergency services in case of an accident. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US, but this is a great gift for the car aficionado.

Some other interesting gadgets designed to exist in an automobile are a solar phone charger and a swivel tray and storage bin to make it easier and less messy to eat in the car. Last but certainly not least are the auto hybrid coffee makers for those who enjoy a cup-a-joe on the go. Some of the automobile coffee makers are small enough to stow in the glove box.

These are just a few examples of moments in the lives of others that we should notice and celebrate. Sharing in the joy of others brings joy back to us. Likewise, be there for people when they suffer difficult times.

Whether sending congratulations or sharing burdens or hardships, our florists at Flowerama Mundelein in Libertyville, IL, are always here to help.

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